Julie’s Bicycle and Arts Council England stellen neues Umwelt Programm vor

Quelle: https://juliesbicycle.com/news-opinion/ace-environmental-programme2023-26/


To limit warming to 1.5 degrees, by 2030 every sector must have halved their emissions. The culture sector is already taking action and this new programme will accelerate and scale our response to the climate crises.

This program includes new high impact programmes that focus on: 

  • decarbonisation for building-based organisations
  • building resilience to future changes in climate
  • embedding environmental responsibility at governance level
  • climate leadership and skills development training to support a new generation of diverse, inclusive and influential environmental leaders.

In this next phase of the programme, Julie’s Bicycle and Arts Council England continue their partnership. Drawing on 10 years of data, experience and learning to inform new programmes, the environmental programme will empower the cultural community to use their passion and creativity to respond to the challenges that climate change presents.